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PwC has been deploying Salesforce in multiple industries since 2009 - so we have all the business know-how and technical can-do to help you be more effective within your specific sector. From speeding up processes to smoothing out workflows, ours is the direct route to a more efficient business with lower costs and happier customers.

That’s not to say one solution fits all. Every industry accelerator is developed for your exact needs, so you can move even faster from decision-making to business changing.


Track and handle complaints efficiently, become FCA compliant – and retain more customers.
cComplaints is the ideal way to capture and respond to valuable feedback instantly, through multiple channels including Facebook and Twitter. Put simply, this cost-effective, robust solution allows you to focus on delivering a better customer experience.
  • Thorough audit trails & reports for full FCA compliance
  • Complaint handlers focused on customer retention
  • Resolve online complaints in real-time
  • 360° view of customers and improved team collaboration
Register insurance claims online, and receive instant decisions back.
cClaims allows you to resolve claims faster – and is ideal for First Notification of Loss (FNOL), automating processes or enabling self-service claims. It works alongside your existing claims systems, is easy to manage, and enhances the customer experience with 24/7 access to claim support.
  • Guides call centre operators or web claim users
  • Reduced operational and claims leakage costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • High quality, consistent and auditable claim decisions
Manage your inbound documents to generate workflow in Salesforce.
cDocs allows you to scan and index inbound documents using key information. Salesforce can then direct work to the right teams, along with configurable results, SLAs and escalations. Scanned documents are also readily accessible online, and mapped to each customer with all relevant data.
  • Paperless office and major process efficiencies
  • 360° view of your customers
  • See full customer/policy files in Salesforce
  • Option to outsource all or part of your mailroom to the Cloud
Accelerate the deployment of Salesforce in your insurance company.
cInsured includes an insurance data model with processes for sales, customer services, claims, FNOL and FCA complaints. It also provides a full policy and claim integration framework to manage master data, and handle customer deduping across multiple systems.
  • See the benefits sooner with faster, lower cost delivery
  • Gain early consensus on business requirements
  • Accelerates early phases of the project
  • Helps de-risk the project
Automate your renewals process, and retain more customers through Salesforce.
cRenewals features automatic reminders and a configurable workflow to generate queues for your renewals team. With a 360° view of your customers, you can renew the right clients and let non-profitable policies lapse. There’s also the option to create a seamless pipeline where lost deals continuously trigger renewal opportunities, with no extra effort required.
  • Streamline the renewals process
  • Gain efficiency savings and improve retention rates
  • Close more deals at renewal
  • Single platform to accurately manage new and renewed business
Manage your program portfolio, by tracking projects, deliverables, risks and issues.
The Project Room app can easily be installed on Salesforce, and provides a central, secure hub where cDecisions and your team can collaborate on projects - and seamlessly manage them through to completion.
  • Centralised management app
  • Secure access to reports and dashboards
  • Use Chatter to keep track of discussions and decisions
  • Includes requirements document generator
Matches inbound emails based on user-defined keywords.
Often, email cases are manually reviewed to priorities, and routed based on the email contents. This solution automates that process, prioritising and routing inbound emails based on user-defined keywords. Once matched, a case can be assigned to a different team to process. This is more efficient when dealing with regular clients, as it automates the creation of contacts based on their email addresses. It’s the ideal solution for service centres needing to manage inbound emails for multiple teams.
  • Removes need to manually triage cases
  • Reduces time to process individual cases
  • Automatically creates users for known accounts
  • Useful when intermediaries are involved
Finds the most appropriate template to apply when a case is saved.
Once a template has been dynamically applied to a case, work items and SLAs are created based on this content. It’s the ideal solution for service-based functions or anyone using cases.
  • Consistent approach to case resolution
  • Enforces SLAs and required work items
  • Easy-to-use template solution
  • Quick and highly efficient plan of action
Accurately measure your breadth of customer penetration with structured visit targets.
This easy tracking solution allows you to see which customers have been visited – and how often - during one month, three months or within various other timescales, and to set targets at individual rep and customer level for visit frequency.
  • Customer clarity at a glance
  • Gain insights into current customer visits
  • Useful information when planning future visits
  • Ideal for anyone with a specific set of customers
Provides instant tracking of employee timesheets in Salesforce.
This solution allows you to monitor time allocated to employees or consultants – and track it against any contract, project, opportunity or other work activity. Automated prompts also remind employees to complete their weekly timesheets. Rich management information is then provided for in-depth analysis of actual time and performance against estimates.
  • Improve employee performance and productivity
  • Manage within scope and budget
  • Visibility of time allocation for easier resource planning
  • Automates the billing process and allows for continuous feedback
Manage your resources, and use a flexible user interface to input your schedule information.
More versatile than the standard Salesforce interface, this solution provides a range of revenue and resource allocation reports to help with forecasting and resourcing. It’s ideal for those responsible for resource planning or even product scheduling.
  • Drives accurate resource forecasting
  • Reduces time spent on complex reports from multiple systems
  • Generates full visibility of resource allocations
  • Streamlines the resource planning process
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